Earn Trust with Innovative Field Trials

If you make and distribute agricultural inputs like fertilizer, Rhize Field Trials can help you earn trust and gain market advantage. Our technology can increase the efficacy of your products in the field. Demonstrate how your bio-fertilizers or other agricultural inputs improve the biological function of soil, and watch your business grow.

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Why Rhize Field Trials?

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Research & Development

We'll help you fine-tune the performance of your products during the crucial R&D process before you launch.

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We offer third-party verification of your claims with science-based in-field trials. Share results with your future clients.

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Expand Your Market

With Rhize Field Trials, you can expand your market credibility by demonstrating product capabilities over time and under different conditions.

Collaborate With Us

We’re ready for you to collaborate with our agronomists and project managers. We’ll design a scientifically sound protocol to compare control and treatment blocks under different conditions. We’ll evaluate changes in the soil microbiome to ensure the efficacy of your product.

Our early design guidance can help ensure your field trial is properly powered, controlled, and aligned to your research objectives.

Once the protocol has been approved by you, we will assist in sample collection, transport, Whole Metagenome Sequence analysis, and data interpretation.

Our science experts uncover meaningful biological insights from raw metagenomic DNA sequence files to highlight the performance of your product in the field.

Prove the Power of Your Product.

Soil metagenomic studies are complicated and require intensive data analysis. Our processes have been developed to deliver actionable, refined, and consistent data from which insights can be derived. Rhize Field Trials enables you to acquire the data you need to build trust and transparency with your customers.

Let’s work together to uncover the power of the soil microbiome. We can help you demonstrate how your product improves soil biology leading to an increased crop yield.