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Our Approach

Our mission is to provide advanced, machine learning technologies to demystify one of the most biologically complex and critically-important environments in the world: Our soil.

We provide farmers, ranchers, consultants and agricultural input manufacturers with access to the advanced regenerative agriculture tools they need to evaluate and track soil microbiome performance. The results? Improved soil health and increased yields.

Our Technology

regenerative agriculture

The key to our regenerative agriculture approach is our proprietary bioinformatics pipeline that translates raw soil DNA sequencing data into user-friendly and informative soil health reports.

The RhizeBio™ report provides data on biodiversity (including the number of species within your soil’s microbiome, community evenness, primary members, etc.) and functionality (such as your soil’s ability to resist droughts and disease, as well as the disturbance ratings and nutrient cycling potential).

We utilize a specialized and unique metagenomic method, coupled with machine learning and biostatistics, to help you achieve optimum results in agribusiness.

regenerative agriculture


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Metagenomics is the study of the structure and function of all organisms in a bulk sample using DNA sequencing, and we are using this approach in a unique way. With a shotgun analysis method, we are able to evaluate and track changes in your soil's microbiome. Compared to most DNA sequencing styles that lean heavily on predictions from a small number of genes, our process is different. RhizeBio™ technology uses all microorganisms from a soil sample to create a clear and helpful picture of the environment your plants need to grow and thrive.

Machine Learning and Biostatistics

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We recognize the individual nature of each farm and ranchland. That’s why we’re committed to providing advanced biostatistics and machine learning approaches to help address the specific needs of each customer. Rhize Trials™ is designed to help producers and agricultural input manufacturers to plan and execute studies of the soil. We can help you evaluate changes in the soil microbiome to create the best management practices for your land.

Our Services

Rhize Soil Health Test

• Metagenomic sequencing and analysis for agricultural soil

• Provides information on soil biodiversity and function

• Allows for tracking and monitoring of soil microbiome changes

• Designed for farmers, ranchers, and consultants

Rhize Soil Health Test+

Receive all of the information from the Rhize Soil Health Test, PLUS:

• Macro- and micro- nutrient levelsv
• Soil respiration and organic matter content

• Organic C to organic N ration and organic N release

• Total soil health score

Rhize Field Trials

• Experts will work with your team to design and execute field studies

• Field studies evaluate input performance and impact on soil microbiome profiles

• Samples all genes in a soil sample

• Allows for deeper analysis of soil microbiome sequence data

regenerative agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture Benefits

  • Increase seasonal yields
  • Resilient crops
  • Nutritious foods
  • Highest quality production

Our regenerative agriculture methods are rooted in a desire to improve community health with modern, science-based practices that farmers can use to initiate sustainable choices for future generations.

regenerative agriculture

Our Principles


We empower farmers by equipping them with the information they need for long-lasting soil health improvements.


With a strong company vision, we seek to provide communal peace of mind regarding food health using innovative and biocentric improvements to our soil.


We are committed to honoring farmers with timely, trustworthy, and actionable solutions to safe, healthy, and sustainable agriculture.


We are dedicated to accuracy, accountability, and transparency in all we do.