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Rhize Soil Health Test

RhizeBio Provides the Data Your Farm Needs

Your soil is a living ecosystem. Its health—and the productivity of your crops—depends on the microscopic organisms that surround the roots in the rhizosphere.

The Rhize Soil Health Test is a low-cost, high tech soil testing approach that decodes the complexity of the soil microbiome to reveal biodiversity, functionality, resistance, bio control, hormone production, stress adaptation, and nutrient cycling potential.  Using the RhizeBio™ proprietary technology, it is now possible to improve the biological health of your soil. 

Next Generation Soil Testing from Rhize

RhizeBio™ technology uses whole metagenomic sequencing paired with proprietary bioinformatic AI to comprehensively sample all genes and organisms present in a soil sample. With this comprehensive data, the Rhize Soil Health Test transforms your soil microbiome data to examine three important aspects of your soil health.


Receive new information on the biological complexity within your soil; identify and track changes in biodiversity, community evenness, and primary microbial members.


Supported by leading research findings, soil testing identifies the nitrogen and phosphorus cycling potential of the soil microbiome.

Risk Analysis

Your individualized report will identify known pathogens, soil disturbance, and resistance metrics for drought and disease.

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