How Biofertilizers Can Reduce Chemical Fertilizer Use

biofertilizers alternative to chemical fertilizers

In the agricultural industry, soil health has become a major area of focus. As farmers and agronomists look for ways to increase crop yields and reduce the amount of chemicals and pesticides used on crops, biofertilizers are becoming more popular. Biofertilizers are organic fertilizers made from natural sources such as bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. […]

Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria: Boosting Plant Health, Crop Yields

nitrogen-fixing bacteria roots of plant

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are genuinely marvels of the natural world. They convert nitrogen gas from the atmosphere into biologically available nitrogen. Some have also learned to cooperate with plants and take up residence inside roots. These two processes, called nitrogen fixation and root nodulation, are essential for leguminous plants like soybean and clover. Other nitrogen-fixing bacteria […]

Modern Soil Testing Services Analyze the Microbiome

soil testing services

Soils are teeming with billions of microorganisms (the ‘microbiome’). These organisms play a vital role in the elemental cycling that sustains plants and all living things in agroecosystems. Unfortunately, traditional soil testing services do not give farmers any insights into the health and functioning of these microorganisms (primarily fungi and bacteria). New DNA-based soil testing […]