Announcement of RhizeBio's acceptance into Praxis' 2024 Business Accelerator Program.

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RhizeBio Joins 2024 Praxis Business Accelerator Cohort


We are thrilled to announce that RhizeBio has been selected for the 2024 Praxis Business Accelerator Program! This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in our relentless pursuit to revolutionize the agricultural sector, and we are honored to be recognized alongside other innovative ventures from various industries around the world.


Announcement of RhizeBio's acceptance into Praxis' 2024 Business Accelerator Program.
RhizeBio & Praxis Partner to Revolutionize Agriculture


About RhizeBio

RhizeBio is not just another name in the agricultural industry; it’s a paradigm shift. We are committed to transforming agriculture from the ground up. Our unique approach employs Soil DNA Sequencing, offering farmers an unprecedented understanding of their soil’s health.

It’s about more than just crop yields; we’re focused on creating a sustainable, environmentally responsible agricultural model. Our Advanced Soil Algorithms translate complex data into actionable insights, empowering farmers to make informed decisions that benefit both their yield and the planet.


Why Praxis Matters

Praxis is a beacon in the world of redemptive entrepreneurship, and their Business Accelerator Program is the epitome of this ethos. The nine-month journey is designed to mold entrepreneurs into leaders who can bring positive, transformative change in their industries.

Being a part of this initiative means RhizeBio will gain access to invaluable resources. From mentorship by industry experts to participation in exclusive events and personalized coaching, the program provides a number of opportunities for innovative, growing companies like RhizeBio to excel on their business journey. Additionally, the support from Praxis Capital Partners opens the door for an optional $100K investment, further fueling our mission.


The Significance of Our Acceptance

Our inclusion in this esteemed accelerator is both an honor and a monumental responsibility. It is a testament to RhizeBio’s unwavering commitment to sustainable and impactful agriculture.

As Ben Bohannon, Praxis Partner for the Business Portfolio, aptly put it, the ventures chosen for this program are those poised to tackle the pressing challenges of our era. He’s right — we are fully committed to leveraging this partnership to expand our reach and deepen our impact on the agricultural sector.


Looking Ahead

As we begin this exciting new chapter, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our RhizeBio community. Your support has been a cornerstone in achieving this milestone! The road ahead is filled with promise, and we are eager to explore the untapped potential that this collaboration with Praxis will undoubtedly unveil.

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Stay connected with RhizeBio for regular updates as we navigate the Praxis Business Accelerator Program. Together, we will sow the seeds and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in agriculture, working towards a sustainable and prosperous future for all.



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